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Grief and Loss

Create the Relationships you want, right now.

Have you asked yourself any of these questions?

Do you yearn for that special someone? 

Do you feel lost and confused right now, not sure in which direction to go? 

Do you find you rarely have time to do the things you want to do, leaving you feeling resentful or guilty?

Do you often put others before yourself?

If you find that these questions are your questions, I can help. 

Often there are times in life where we seem to "hit walls.'?   

Nothing we do seems to be right, negative thoughts and worries run rampant.  Our loved ones complain about our behaviors or moods that we can't seem to control.  Feeling hopeless and overwhelmed, we panic, feel anxious, depressed, sad and hopeless.  It?s common to want to run away, distract ourselves, just give up, or blame others.   

I know that with big life changes such as kids moving on to college, death of a loved one, going through a divorce, life itself - can thrown us off course.  Even seemingly positive events such as a new career or a new relationship can make us lose our compass.  I know how lonely and confusing it can feel when the old tried and true routines of life break down.  What used to be the old familiar path disappears.  I also know that unique opportunities are here as well.   I call pain the great awakener.  Pain can actually act as a way shower, leading you toward finding greater happiness and a more fulfilling life.  

Your relationship with yourself is precious.  

As your counselor, I have the great privilege of helping you work through these tough times.  Some anxiety is actually helpful.  It wakes us up, tells us that something needs to transform and change.  Too much though can lead to feelings of being stuck or paralyzed - afraid to move.  Too much can even destroy your life.    

It?s OK to ask for help. 

Let me help you navigate these uncomfortable places.  When looked at through another lens these times in life can be times of great potential.  We will work together to restore sense, and hope.  I can help you understand crisis as a new beginning and place of possibilities.  I can?t think of a greater honor than to help you find your way and get back in touch with what makes you happy. 

It often helps to look at:  

Family - Of - Origin Relationships.  Where do I come from?  Families provide what I call our myth, our family story.  We grow up being influenced by these stories in terms of defining who we are.  As you begin to understand these past relationships, you can begin to choose which ones serve you, and which ones need to change. 

Personality Styles.  What is your unique style and signature?  Asking yourself the question, "Who am I" can offer life changing answers.  It is not unusual to first ask this question after a serious loss.  Our true values come from a deeper understanding of our own unique personalities. It can be very empowering when the answers arrive. 

Men/Female Problems. "Why can't a woman be more like a man?" -  Henry Higgins, My Fair Lady

Differences are exciting, and stressful.  Men bond, love and communicate differently from women.  When we understand the ?differences,? you will learn not to take it personally and learn how to make it work for you and for the relationship. 

Let?s Get Started 

I would love to hear your story and help you through these more difficult passages of your life. 

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